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It Is My Pleasure to Recommend Jim

Jim and I worked together at Ashland Inc./Valvoline for more almost ten years. I remember, and am thankful that Jim was instrumental in getting me “up to speed” quickly when I joined Valvoline. Jim has always demonstrated an impeccable character, unfailing respect for others, compassion, integrity, and a positive and optimistic personality. He was well respected by management, peers and customers.

Technically, Jim is very solid. In the fields of lubrication and tribology, he was considered an expert, and often sought out for advise and counseling. He excelled in the following areas: new product formulation and development, quality control program development and implementation, analytical and physical testing, data interpretation, field service, complaint resolution, database development, technical and product training programs, product application recommendations, patent applications and management, technical writing skills, presentation skills and development of technical marketing collateral materials. Jim also has a unique understanding of the business side of the industry as well as product development driven and guided by marketing data and criteria.

In my opinion, he is a lifelong learner, always seeking to better himself and gain knowledge. Jim was also very knowledgeable in the area of IT, including knowledge of and proficiency with many software applications (well beyond the typical Microsoft Office and other standard business software) and computer hardware. He excelled at managing several IT projects, including software development projects.

Jim is curious and asks relevant and well thought-out questions. These attributes, I am sure, serve him well today in his current law career.
It is my pleasure to recommend Jim.

– Douglas McGregor, Idemitsu Petroleum

He Has Been of Great Service

Jim is as community-minded as he is capable. He has been of great service to the Kentucky Humanities Council, Inc. and I would put him at the very top of any list of those I might recommend in his specialty.

– Virginia Carter, Kentucky Humanity Council

A Valuable Resource

Jim has been a valuable resource and has provided me helpful guidance on intellectual property issues. I appreciate Jim’s view of the immediate issues within the context of the bigger picture.

– John Meyers, John Meyers Attorney at Law

He Has Profound Knowledge

Jim is organized, knowledgeable, and hard-working. One of the reasons that he has profound knowledge in the area he is practicing patent laws is that he worked in this area as a brilliant R&D scientist for many years (we were coworkers then). I would strongly recommend Jim as a patent attorney to anyone.

– Z. George Zhang, Valvoline International

Attorney with Industry Experience

Jim is a patent attorney with industrial chemistry experience. As a result he easily grasps the novel features of an invention.

– Fran Lockwood, Sr VP. Valvoline

Provided Valuable and Extraordinary Service to Clients

It isn’t often that one gets the opportunity to write a recommendation for a friend who is also a valued colleague. Jim Francis was a law school classmate of mine who I came to know and respect for his intense study of the law and his intellect. As a professional colleague, Jim has provided valuable and extraordinary service to clients of the firm with which I was associated. Jim has provided intellectual property legal services to some of the largest business entities in the country and also smaller entities. I know that Jim treats each and every client as the most important client he has, and that is rare in our profession. In short, I am proud to call Jim a colleague and friend.

– Kenneth Henry, Henry & Associates PLLC

Great Command of The Patent Process

Jim knows patents very well. He has a great command of the patent process and Foam Design has used his services on number of occasions with good results.

– Doug Gradek, Foam Design Inc.

Jim Is an Asset

Jim is an asset to any project/client. His experience and ability to think outside of the box provides a fresh perspective with regard to trademark and patent assistance. I personally recommend Jim to other professionals at least once a month.

– Ron May

I Wholeheartedly Recommend Him

I work for Morehead State University, a regional university in Appalachian KY. I’m a business consultant in the fields of tech transfer and new technology commercialization. Jim has been and indispensable part of my work in recent years, vetting new technologies for their potential IP.

The great thing about working with Jim is that he understands IP not just from the standpoint of filing a patent, but also in looking down the road at potential litigation hurdles and even business problems. Whereas most consultants see a couple of moves down the road, because of his litigation experience Jim has the ability to see the entire route.

Jim is a professional and is very easy to work with. I also appreciate the fact that he has the resources of Stoll, Keenon and Ogden behind him. This has come in handy on several occasions where my clients work became complicated (securities law, contracts, bankruptcies, etc.)

We’ve hired Jim on multiple occasions and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any IP work you might have.

– Johnathan Gay, Addiction Recovery Centers

He Was Very Helpful in All Aspects

James is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise. He was very helpful in all aspects of the patent legal process. I highly recommend Mr. Francis.

– Kimberly McLennan