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Experienced Representation In Contract Drafting And Negotiation

The future of your business needs to be well-planned and engineered to minimize risk in order to succeed in a competitive commercial environment. Many new or growing companies stumble by not using carefully crafted contracts as they build their business, leaving them open to liability and other legal pitfalls that could have otherwise been easily avoided. At Francis Law Firm, PLLC, I help companies protect their interests by ensuring that their contracts communicate their purpose and intent without ambiguity. With over 17 years of experience in corporate America prior to entering law, I understand the practical side of business and can leverage that knowledge to your advantage. Well written and negotiated contracts minimize risks to your business and prevent expensive litigation.

Versatile Contract Services Can Help You Grow Your Business Securely

With my experience in both law and business, I take clients across a broad array of industries to represent their interests in all manner of transactions. Some of these clients are small, family-owned operations, while others are multinational corporations with billions of dollars in revenue.

As examples, I can assist with contracts that:

  • Protect trade secrets
  • Sell, license, or acquire patents and trademarks
  • Form joint ventures
  • Establish the rights of shareholders and members
  • Control relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Determine the ownership of intellectual property created from joint research and development
  • Resolve business disputes
  • Vendor sales agreements

These are but some of the many different types of issues that I have helped my clients with throughout my two decades of practice. I also have helped clients with a limited number of employment contract drafting as well, including such items as noncompete agreements and nondisclosure agreements. However, my focus is always on serving to optimize increase my clients’ business through well-crafted agreements that minimize risk by anticipating potential issues before they arise.

Reach Out To Me For Help With Your Contracts

I am always eager to take on new challenges on behalf of my clients, and my office is ready to serve you in whatever capacity your business needs. If you are looking for help with your business, either for new contracts or general counsel assistance, I can help you. You can call my office at 859-212-3678, or if you would prefer you can reach out to me online with a brief confidential message describing your needs. I offer complimentary consultations, so feel free to set up an appointment with me soon.