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Securing Your Brand Through Trademarking

As important as any other part of your business, your brand is an essential asset that you need to both cultivate and protect in order to succeed. Your brand is a part of your reputation, and just as it is important to be known for great products and services, it is important that you prevent other, unscrupulous individuals and companies from taking your hard work and turning it to their advantage. By registering your marks, you can discourage infringers and secure valuable statutory rights to defend your brand.

At Francis Law Firm, PLLC, I help companies register their marks in the United States and internationally. I also litigate trademark and intellectual property disputes on their behalf. With over 20 years of legal experience and 17 years of business experience, I have the unique skill set to serve my clients through both trademark registration and enforcement.

Trademarking Is Essential To Your Business’s Success

My approach to trademark representation varies depending on the needs of my client. If you are a newer company that has not yet trademarked your brand, I can help you identify the elements of your business’s brand that need protection. Typically, this will involve things such as your product name, logo or unique marketing message, but it can also cover more unique things such as sounds, smells, and colors. I will then take care of the trademark registration process with the federal government, allowing you to focus on your business while I handle this.

In other cases, I can be called on to represent clients who are embroiled in a trademark dispute with another company, either seeking to enforce their trademark and prevent its exploitation or defending themselves from such an accusation. I have had great success in obtaining difficult to obtain trademark registrations and litigating difficult trademark cases.

Come And Speak With Me For Trademark Representation

Your business is your livelihood, and it is what you have invested your life into creating and growing. It deserves to be protected and allowed to flourish in a safe, sustainable environment free from other bad actors seeking to exploit your hard work. Getting a trademark is only the first step; You must defend it as you face challenges to your right to use it. I can help you in both of these capacities, so come and speak with me at my Lexington office for a free consultation. You can call my office by dialing 859-212-3678 or if you would prefer you can message me online.