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Protecting your intellectual property

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Intellectual Property

A business begins with an idea. An idea may be intangible but executing it well will separate your company from competitors. Your creativity is essential in forming your company’s brand and character. People will recognize your company through the name, logo, content, other innovative ideas and original creations that you produce. All of these are products of the intellect. These are your ideas, your mind’s creations. These are your intellectual property, and you must protect them.

Here are ways you can safeguard your intellectual property.


A trademark identifies your goods or services; it is your brand. It can be a word, logo, symbol, slogan, design, or a combination of two or more similar elements. The trademark is how your customers will know the goods and services are from your company and not from competing businesses.

Having a strong trademark is essential to the success of your business. It becomes more memorable and noticeable to your customers. But owning a trademark in Kentucky does not guarantee you nationwide rights or protection, so make sure you apply for federal registration.


Once your original creations become tangible in the form of music, art, design and publication, you should have the exclusive rights to use them. Copyright protection will prevent other people or entities from using, printing, publishing or distributing your tangible works for their own agenda.


If you have an original innovation with remarkable potential that no one has established yet in the marketplace, you can protect it through a patent. A patent will maintain your exclusive rights to your invention, whether it is a new product or a novel process.

You have the right to reap the profits or benefits from your intellectual property. Protect those rights by registering your ideas with the appropriate governing body.